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Just a compilation of all the clips ( that i could find ) of me bossing with my friends xD

Remembering back in the old days when Rachel got me back into playing this game after quitting for a long time xD

Joining ZeroKaos was the starting of everything! Everyone was so cool. Mont (MontKaos) was a little strict, but he was a cool guy! Wong,Angie,Dizzy,David,Mega,Faye,Seth and everyone that i didnt mention! You guys were awesome haha

Leaving ZK (due to inactivity), I made 4305. I got to meet a lot of new people, It was really hectic sorting out members. I came across lots of bad one (mike...jk!), no but like.. really bad one lol, and a lot of good ones. 

After getting noticed more, i get to meet a lot of new friends! 
And thanks to all of you my maple experience has been awesome!

This video is dedicated to all of you :D! ... Read more »
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