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Lets Play a Game # 1!
So i thought it would be kinda fun to make a quiz game and award the winner. I dont know! Keeping the head running is important in merching and doing anything in general!!

Here's the video explaining the rule of the game :D! 

Good luck! Cant wait to read you guys submissions!!
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Here's what i think...

It was never stated that before splitting the coins, the people can't "talk" it over. Essentially this means that Thomas Chris and Steve can work together to get rid of Jony and Bray, no matter what generous offers they make, and they promise to split it somewhat equally so 333 to Chris and Steve, and 334 to Thomas. However, when it gets to Thomas, as was pre-arranged, Chris and Steve disagree and with 2/3 votes against him, Thomas is killed. Chris would have to promise Steve more coins than Chris gets and this should be enough to persuade him as they all value Rank and Coins equally. However, Chris does the opposite and gives himself all 1000 coins, and since there are only 2 people left, even if Steve votes against this, as 1/2 isn't a majority vote, Chris still keeps the coins. So the final line up would be:

Jony [X]
Bray [X]
Thomas [X]
Chris [1000]
Steve [X]

Jony: [192]

Bray: [202]

Thomas: [202]

Chris: [202]

Steve: [202]

They are all very smart so they realize if it was a perfect world they would each get 1/5 the prize. Jony, who values his life more than rank would take 10 less to ensure he gets the votes of the others. He has 1/5 vote himself and only needs 2, Bray who wouldn't want to risk his life would vote, and you count on either Thomas, Chris, or Steve having a brain to just accept it rather than risking a worse scenario.
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Since a requirement is that Jony has to die, therefore:

Jony[x] Automatically,

Since they are friends and they are all very smart, they value the friendship between them more than the their rank or amount of money received. Therefore all the friends, but Jony(since he has to die), split the money equally, and continue living their lives as friends =)


4 people would remain

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hmm ive been kinda busy, finally got around to doing this...xP

Jony [998]
Bray [0]
Thomas [1]
Chris [0]
Steve [1]

Looks like someone already posted this answer tho sad

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Jony [X]
Bray [X]
Thomas [X]
Chris [500]
Steve [500]

Chris and Steve make are smart enough to make a plot in which they each get half the money (seeing as they're the last positions and the outcome would eventually be up to them. Since they value coins more than rank, they don't care what happens to the other people (in this case both Chris and Steve would be leaders in the end and then split the money). Chris and Steve, good job in the proest merch scam ever ^^

Jony [X]
Bray [X]
Thomas [X]
Chris [X]
Steve [1000]
Tony [0]

Everyone dies but the last 2 people and since there is only steve and tony only one needs to say yes to make it 50% of everyone vote yes.

Jony [X]
Question:how would the result be if Jony die? Steve n Chris won't die because by the time they become leader , there will be at least half of the votes. And as stated, all of them wan to be leader n value their rank and coins(same), they won't vote okay with the split. So Bray have to make Thomas to vote for him so he will not die. As we can see all of them are very smart and value their life the most. Bray can keep the 1000 coins for himself and vote for himself. Thomas in the other hand have no choice because if he didn't vote for bray, bray will die and the next leader will be him and he sure cannot survive.
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wow now i REALLY feel like a douche lol, the guy who got it first and showed his work was correct even in logic for the most part (just didnt explain why steve ONLY needs 1 coin, which i think is crucial)

but oh well, good job to those who legit figured it out

OMG my bad there is only one answer, I'm really sorry I spoke too soon I wish I could delete my other posts.

Steve knows Thomas can't possibly have leader since once Bray has leader he would be the final leader and Steve would get nothing.

So Jony owes Chris 2 coins, Thomas 1 coin, and Steve 1 coin (since Thomas would opt to give Steve 1 coin (each leader cant give the person 1 rank below them any money because that person won't vote for them anyway, so Thomas won't give Chris a coin), but he will never be leader, and with Bray Steve would get nothing, only Chris would get a coin). Therefore, Steve is happy with 1 coin.

Therefore, Jony goes for the cheapest alternative : Jony [998]
Bray [0]
Thomas [1]
Chris [0]
Steve [1]

So I guess the answer was already found (just not with the correct logic perhaps, or maybe I just over thought this)

ANYYYYYYYYYWAY i think the first person who chose the right answer, even if it was with incorrect logic, should be the one who gets the prize


Once again sorry for so many points, but i found something important to add:

Upon thinking about it longer, Bray would give Chris 1 coin instead of Steve 2 coins

Therefore, Jony must give Chris 2 coins since Chris would not take 1 coin (since he knows Jony values his life too much to offer the same amount of coins as Bray would give him had he been leader).

So Jony owes Chris 2 coins, Thomas 1 coin, and Steve 2 coins (since Thomas would opt to give Steve 1 coin, and Bray would give him none).

So, there are, in fact, 2 possible outcomes:
Jony [997]
Bray [0]
Thomas [1]
Chris [2]
Steve [0]


Jony [997]
Bray [0]
Thomas [1]
Chris [0]
Steve [2]

Jony has a choice whether to give Chris 2 coins or Steve 2 coins

This is my final answer, lol

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