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Why Sometimes there is Rollback, Why sometimes there isn't
Disclaimer: This article is purely based on my opinion. It has nothing to do with Nexon what so ever.

     Anyhow, I am sure many of you guys have experienced the recent rollback one way or the other. Some may have benefit from it (Those who hadn't played much during the time, but still get the compensation), and some of you may had gotten hit really hard. If  I understand it correctly, the rollback was due to mass duping of items that's been happening all around servers(worlds). BUT wait....Didn't this happen before? Some of you may remembered, few months ago a similar incident happened... mass duping, gm scrolls duped all over the place; heck they even had to take it out of mts! How about all those 20% scrolls coin hack? How about enhancement hack!? Like why didn't all of these get rollback? This is what I believe is why:

     So first of all we have to keep in mind that Nexon is a business. What does business do? They make money. Simple enough, right? So now with this mindset in mind let's look at the situation again from the first time. 

     Firstly, the enhancement hack. I personally think this one was the root of all evilness and imba(ness? lol). Since it created so many inequality and distinguished packeters from regular players. Turned out there wasn't any rollback. Just a quick fix (to some it may feel not so quick) to solved the problem....then enhancement hack was gone! Here is my take on it: It doesn't effect Nexon. Sounds simple....and yea it is quite simple. Only a handful of packeters exploited it, it doesn't effect their income; in some case it may even stimulated their income! By people selling it for nx, and some will end up go out and buy it. Ofcourse they can't let this exploit run free for long it will crushed the market, and every one will eventually quits! So they just have to do enough, in this case fixed it. Keep in mind though  it could have been a lot worse (lol). I mean at least they fixed it before everything went crazy. But I'm sure if they really want to they can delete those equips. I mean they can easily detect items that has excessive upgrades on, so why cant they do that with enhancement? The recent patch was the proof of this. This may seems like a really dark way of looking at it. Keep in mind this is from the business point of view. What they did is perfectly rational.

      Anyhow moving on to the 20% coin exploit. The company send out a threat for people to drop the scrolls by themselves. Some did it, some didn't. Some people do get banned from just having enough coins though unfortunately (some farmed them :( )... Anyways, if we look at this situation with the same perspectives as the last situation it is even more clear that this situation even effect NX sales less than the last one! Actually scratch that, it helps boost the sales even! Since 20% is so easily obtained, more people will want to perfect their equips with 20%, but wait... they do blow up aren't they? But hey it's ok! we got Pamsong and protection scrolls! Oh crap...they cost NX....hooray! There is no rollback! They fixed the problem eventually, which is a good thing. People weren't so pissed off about it since many people get a little if not a lot of benefits this time.

     K so now we are moving on to the real thing, the recent mass dupes of equips which is already been exploited with enhancements. To add on top of this matter, before then there was also a glitch where if you transfer world, the enhancement and potential is reset (reset as in the stars is gone but atk gained still there). So now all these "enhancemented" items get flooded into the mts, and the prices are rapidly falling! Why? cause they keep duping and kept cutting each other prices and bam! infinite loop! Nexon intervened this time (yay!) and rollback 4 days worth along with claiming to have fixed the problem (I really hope it's fixed, I do.). Now let's give some comparison to the item in mts. 301 atk craven 70k nx vs. 85 atk craven 40k nx. hmmm.... tough choice.... 216 atk gain with just 30k nx more seems pretty good might as well just go for the hacked one right? might as well. So why is this a bad thing? Personally, I think that they believed this time things are getting out of hand. They do not wish for a server where the class is so seperated eg) the poor are super poor and do crap dmg and the rich are crazy and do crazy dmg. They do not wish for such a gap. But aren't they making a lot of money from this? maybe so, but we got to look at it in the long run. If the economy is as such. No players will want to join, there will be no new players, and the game will have no future. Thus a roll back in this case is necessary. 

     That's my take on the rollback. I believed they try to make it work for everybody as hard as possible. It is true what people say that we can't please everyone. All I'm hoping for is a clean server where everyone can play and enjoy the game and don't have to worry about all these craps.

Again.. this is purely my opinion.

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