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Fleyx - HP Washing Guide - Double & Triple Washing

Guide written by Fleyx;  first published Febuary 21, 2010

Fleyx - HP Washing Guide

General Idea: What is Hp washing?

     The general idea behind hp washing is simply, the process of obtaining extra mp in order to, later on resets it to put an extra point into hp.


     The process can be very costly, It is not recommended for regular player, since it would be wiser if you would spend the money on other equip instead.

Why hp wash?

     It is true that with the current states of the game almost every players can enjoy most if not all aspects of the game without having to go through such process. However, aside from this fact remains a more competitive player. In order to boss more effectively and fight a higher end bosses (pink bean, chaos horntail, or any Future hard hitter boss) some hp washing is required. This guide is dedicated to explain how to do them more  efficiently.

Types of Hp washing: Despite the simplicity of hp washing, there are several ways you can go about doing it:

   1) Regular Hp washing: The process is broken down into few easy to follow steps

  1. - Obtains best possible INT-added gears as possible
  2. - Before each time you lv up wear those INTs, (You will notice the mp gains is higher as your INT is higher when you lv up.)
  3. - With those 5 APs you obtained when lv up, one by one, put them into Hp
  4. - Uses AP reset to reset out the MP then put the AP into any stats preferred
  5. - Repeat process until you can no longer have enough MP to reset out (or runs out of desired to continue lol)

     * there’s a limit of how low your MP can go down to, which will be listed at the end of this guide, along with other related information.

   2) Double & Triple Washing: It’s not really recommended, since the process takes up tons of NX. This process is the one I used to get my Night Lord to 20k+ HP. It’s highly recommended that you obtain 150 total INTs if not higher for double wash and 260 total INTs if not higher for triple wash to make this process effective.

     >> Why Double or Triple Wash? It allows you to gain more HP per level than regular washing; however, at the same time burn twice if not three times more NX than regular washing also

  1. - The process starts off similar. Obtain the best possible INT added gear as possible.
  2. - Before each time you lv up wear those INTs, (You will notice the mp gains is higher as your INT is higher when you lv up.).
  3. - With those 5 APs, put them all into MP while wearing the INT equips. The MP gain will be higher as your total INT is higher.
  4. - Apply AP resets and reset out 5 MP points and put into HP.
  5. - If you have enough INT you should be able to repeat the steps and reset 5 (or how many more depends on your INT) into HP again.
  6. - Reset 5 MP and put into any stats preferred.

     * A lot of people including myself might take this a step further and put some base INT at early level for an extra INT. It is however, not really recommend unless you are aiming for 20-30k + hp. =P

     ** If you can obtain more INT, it is also possible to quadruple or more wash.

*** HP/MP counts as different pool from other stat (STR/DEX/INT/LUK). Therefore, you only need 1 AP in HP/MP pool to keep continuing the process.

   3) Double Washing for Warrior/Brawler class: According to some of my friends, there are more efficient way of double washing for warrior/brawler classes. Since they do have HP boosting skill which allow you to gain more HP each lv up and each AP you put into HP; therefore, putting reset AP from mp into HP will missed out these HP bonus.

  1. - Steps start off the same. Obtain the best INT added gears as possible.
  2. - Lv up with the INT gears. And while wearing those INTs, use all the AP gain from lving and put them into MP.
  3. - Use AP resets to take out those AP in MP and put them into any stats preferred.
  4. - Next lv up apply the same process, except this time use the AP you gain and put them all into HP
  5. - Then apply the AP resets and take out MP to put into other stats preferred.

     * This way you are able to gain more MP and not miss out on HP boosting skills.

Recommended Equipments

     The higher INTs you can obtain is the better. For those who plan to hardcorely(is that a word? lol) wash, I would recommended getting a Maple Bandana(lv0) with INTs along with INT scrolled Stolen Fence(lv5), and Evolving Rings Lv17(both 1 and 2) for early MP gain.

     With the new potential system, it allows INT obtaining process to be quite cheaper and easier, since you can now get high INT gear with a fraction of the price. But here are some early recommendations:

       - Helmet: after Maple Bandana, at lv 10 you can move on to Green Bandana (lv10, 10slots) scrolled with INTs. Then move on to Zakum Helmet (lv 50) scrolled with INT later on. And finally end it with Chaos Zakum Helmet (lv100) or Scarlion/Targar Helmet(lv80) with INT scrolled + INT potential(rare with +INT preferred)

       - Eye Accessory: The earliest eye accessory that you can get, I believe is: regular Raccoon Mask (lv35) scrolled it with INT. White Raccoon Mask and Broken Glasses work also.

       - Face Accessory: There aren’t many options you can choose from for face accessory. There are Rat Mouth and Branch nose which I wouldn’t really recommend scrolling them with INTs since they are quite hard to find clean.

       - Medal: Ellinia Donor Medal does give +10 INTs/ Nautilus/Sleepywood Donor Medal; I believe give +7 to all stats.

       - Overall: The earliest overall you can obtain aside from those beginner overalls is bathrobe. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a prescrolled with INT one. In the end, you can either stick with the bathrobe, or getting a High lv overall with INT potential and scrolled it with INT.

       - Pendant: Simply starting with Spiegelman’s necklace (lv30, +1-2INT), then Deputy Star (lv50, +5INT, +potential stats), then ultimately Horntail Pendant if not Chaos Horntail Pendant (lv 120, +21-27INT, +potential stats).

       - Cape: Earliest cape one can wear if I’m not mistaken is Stingeman’s Cape (lv10, 5slots), then you can later on move to Yellow Adventure Cape (lv50, +potential stats) scrolled with INT.

       - Weapon: Starting off with lv5 basic wand with as much INT as possible, you can then later on change it into and weapon with potential stat that gives INT.

       - Shield: The best possible scenario is to start off with a stolen fence (lv5) with some INT then change to Maple Shield with better INT at lv20, then finish with any higher lv shield with as much INT as possible.

       - Gloves: Starting off with Regular Work Gloves (or any colors) with INT scrolled on it, then later on move to Class specific, higher lv gloves with INT potential stats.

       - Shoes: Any shoes with INT stats work. There aren’t many options available. Ex) Yellow Snowshoes (lv50), then any shoes with INT potential stats.

       - Rings: Currently best possible ring options are Evolving Ring I & II (lv0, +7 INT), and added VIP Ring (lv127, +4-6 INTs) later on.

Minimum MP Calculation

     Page/Spearman After 2nd job : Min MP: 4 x lv +155

     HP Increase: 20

     MP Decrease: 4

     Other Warrior After 2nd job : Min MP: 4 x lv +55

     HP Increase: 20

     MP Decrease: 4

     Pirate/Mechanic After 2nd job : Min MP: 18 x lv + 95

     HP Increase: 18

     MP Decrease: 16

     Thief After 2nd job : Min MP: 14 x lv +135

     HP Increase: 16

     MP Decrease: 12

     Dual Blade After 2nd Job : Min MP: 14 x lv + 355

     HP Increase: 16

     MP Decrease: 12

     Bowman After 2nd job : Min MP: 14 x lv + 135

     HP Increase: 16

     MP Decrease 12

     Wild Hunters After 2nd job : Min MP: 14 x lv + 123

     HP Increase: 16

     MP Decrease: 12

     Battle Mages After 2nd job : Min MP: 22 x lv + 143

     HP Increase: 20

     MP Decrease: 16 (Need confirmation)

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Hi Tony

I'm a dualblade from MSEA and have been watching your videos for over a year. My dualblade is currently lvl170 and I'm in the process of hp washing it. i currently have added 50ap into mp and 50 into hp. I have been leveling with over 80int since lvl20, 260int since level100 and 320 since lvl150 so with the added ap into mp, my mp is 7k+ while hp is only about 4k+. MSEA is getting jump on the 8th of Feb 2012 and I've been hearing that hp washing would be slightly nerfed as int eqs would no longer add extra mp. I would like to find out from you if this is true and what are the steps to continue hp washing. i'm aiming for a base hp of about 9-10k. I already have about 50% hp from equips alone and I have decent hb.


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