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FM/MTS Series - Episode 1 - 2

FM/MTS Series - Episode 1 - 2

Episode 1 : Stuff to keep in mind

To start it all off!

                I got my character to lv 16 through killing the asian pigs (Blue ribbon pig), it was hella fast place to get to lv 16 especially if you can one hit it. I got there almost painlessly. If you wonder why lv16, it's because it;s the lv cut off for you to be able to buy/sell item which worth more than 1m.

                I started the series off with a situation where I have 25k nx and want to start marching. I started off by buying 3 10ATT work gloves which were around 160m at the time. So after all of them sold I have around 500M to work around with.

                Due to crappy computer, I decided to just scan fm for deals instead of other methods such as spamming in the entrance, etc. I will focus more on a safe way of making meso rather than other gambling way such as scrolling.

                It definitely helps a lot to get mushie shop. Very frequently, I got a lot of questions asking if he/she should get a mushie shop when he/she has this much money. Keep in mind that it is not about how much money you have, but rather what do you have for sale! It’s very important.

                Another way that could enhance your marching experience is log out gift. Log out gift is rumoured to be for any inactive account that hasn’t logged on for about 3 days (72 hours) that click close game through alt+f4 or the "x” button. The best you can get out of the log out gift is Vicious Hammer and Scissor of Karma, which can be sold to people for quite a bit of money. If the 3 gifts aren’t satisfying, you can terminate the program through Ctrl + Alt + Del and do the same to reset the 3 gfits.

Episode 2 : Some kind of Guideline?

Hey guys!

                This episode I kinda hopped on with the event and decided to bought some stuff to trade in for some 20% scrolls to resell.
                It is very important to know what event is going on! Some event can be very profitable!

                So I decided to come out with a guideline of what you should focus on. Keep in mind that this is not the only way to do it, there are many other ways of doing it! Im just sharing what works for me so far.

                10m - 500m : Focus on Scrolls / Alcaster Quests stuff (Summoning rocks / All cures) / some basic items
                500m +         : Focus on items / Ores / expensive scrolls

                Keep in mind, that there are some situation that rules are to be ignored!

                Having this guidelines is just the first step! You still need to learn prices in order to recognize the opportunity when you see one :D. Think of it like this; you spend time grinding you get lv, you spend time in FM you get money/price knowledge.
                FM is just like MTS, except this time things aren’t perfectly sorted out for you.

Good luck!
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