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How to gear up a Nightlord, a general idea

How to gear up a Nightlord, a general idea

                This guide is just a general idea of order what to cube or get as a nightlord (it should also be referable to any other class also). 

*** This guideline should be flexible base on each person situation and funding

-          Helmet : Starting off with a simple Zakum helmet(Lv 50). Do not spend too much on low lv helm, save your money for a good Chaos Zakum Helmet(Lv 120) instead. Scrolling it with Luk or Dex base on what stats you need. 3 lines helmet is preferred, but 2 lines in the beginning is acceptable.

-          Eye Accessory : You have a choices of: Broken Glasses (Lv 40),   White and Brown Raccoon mask (Lv 35/40). I do not recommend Spectrum goggles or any other expensive mask due to prices are too high and aren’t really worth it. Eye accessory isn’t really necessary in the beginning and should be one of the last part to get.

-          Face Accessory : There aren’t many options here to choose from. As a Nightlord you have few options, which are Dual Blade Mask (Lv 70/100 can be obtained through Kerning City Gachapon) and Branch Nose (Lv 20). Dual Blade mask would be the best option, but can get very pricey due to method of obtaining (Gachapon). Face Accessory aren’t mandatory at all, you can probably get by without needing one (Unless you have extra funding left ofcourse).

-          Top/Bottom/Overall : As a Nightlord, I do not recommend using overall at all, except at lower lv (20-80). After lv 80 you should aim for Pirates Top/Bottom or Osfa Top/Bottom. Due to better potential stats.

-          Cape : The very ideal choice here would be a Black Fist Cloak (Lv 100), but it’s quite rare. Pink Adventure cape(Lv 50) is also one of a good option there is. Some people prefer to use a lv 71+ Cape with good % Luk which is completely fine also. However, assuming with 15% luk cape, if you can afford a 10 atk or better pac, pac would be quite a bit better.

-          Gloves : Now that Van Leon gloves(Lv 120) are obtainable, it would be the best option out there. However, if you do not have much nx to cube, settling with a lv 10 work gloves with high ATT might not be such a bad idea. Other good alternatives for those who have some nx to cube would be Stormcaster gloves(Lv 50) or Any lv 71+ Thief gloves with decent ATT.

-          Pendant : Mark of Narricain(Lv 80) is kind of out of fashion now; however, it is not a bad option for people who aren’t planning to cube the pendant for a while. Some nightlords do need the dex to wear a good claw, if this is the case, I would definitely go for Horntail Pendant(Lv 120) instead. Ultimately, it would be ideal to settle with a VIP Pendant (147), or a Chaos Horntail Pendant(120) at the end.

-          Belt : Any ATT belt would do really, the higher the better ofcourse! However, if you can afford a 3 lines VIP belt (Lv 127), that would be very ideal also! However, I would prefer a 9-10 ATT belt over a 24% Luk VIP belt in most case.

-          Earring : Do not spend a lot on a low lv earring, save up meso for a lv 71+ Earring 3 lines or if your funding is limited, 2 lines with good stats work also! VIP earring 3 lines is very nice, but also very expensive.

-          Rings : Zombie ring if you needed the HP, otherwise I would settle with Evolving Ring 1 and 2 (Lv 0) and Adventurer Ring (Critical) and a Wedding Ring. Critical ring boost 10% Critical chance which can effect your DPS quite a lot, definitely go for it, if you have the choice.

-          Claw : Once again, do not spend a whole lot on lower lv claw, save up for at least a Craven and eventually move up to Reverse/Timeless or VIP depending on Funds.

Side note

In most case, getting 3lines could be very pricey, one of the way to enable you to save some money is to get a 2lines epic with a decent stats instead. Usually 3lines epic comparing to 2lines have a huge difference in prices, do take advantage of that.
Also, base on my own personal experience, I wouldn’t recommend cubing anything yourself to unique, I would recommend buying a precubed one instead, this way it should save you quite a lot of money (Unless you have to self cube on those super rare hard to find items).

Order of cubing
                Some people also asked if they have to cube something, what should they cube first. Personally I would start off by getting everything I have to epic, then work on getting them to unique, starting from:
Claw -> then follow with anything that you believe would be your end game equipment or some item that you believe you won’t replace it for a while.
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