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MTS journal Summary and Recaps - Ep 1-2

MTS journal Summary and Recaps - Ep 1-2

guide written by Fleyx; first published Febuary 24, 2011
"Fleyx – MTS Journal” Summary and Recaps (Season 1Episode 1-2)

A little bit about the series  

            Many people have been asking me about how I went about enjoying the game without spending too much real life money on it. That was how this journal started.

Journal’s goal

            The original goal was to reach 100k NX with 50k NX starter, within 1 month period.

Author’s note

            There’s nothing wrong whatsoever with buying NX, there nothing to be ashamed of. By buying NX from store, you are supporting the game and future development of it. This guide purpose is not for you to go on the game with such a mindset, but rather to help people who need a bit of extra income, or people who are in an area which there’s no legal purchasable NX.

Side story

            Some background story about me, and who I am. My name is Tony, university student currently studying economics and psychology. I’m fairly competitive when it comes to gaming, that’s why I try to look for ways to make the most out of what I have. This journal is inspired by my viewers from my first YouTube channel ( Since the time I created the channel, many of the viewers been asking me to make a guide or how I went out funding my character. That’s where it all started.

The Journal: Fleyx – MTS Journal Season 1

            Episode 1: The General Idea

            The episode went out explaining the nature of MTS and how it relates to Free Market. MTS is basically another Free Market with a bit different currency (NX instead of Meso). Different from Free Market, every item are sorted out for you instead of scatter around. You can customize the search to the 
point that to make it list from lowest price to highest or vice versa. 

            There are 2 widely used methods of making wealth through MTS: 

First method is to refresh the main MTS pages and look for mispriced items. When one appears, it is up to you to be fast enough to recognize the opportunity and snatch it before everyone else does. I myself personally dislike this method. The flaws of this method are not only the inconsistency, but this process takes lots and lots of time on average for it to be effective. With this method, you can go about making over 100k a day or even making nothing a day.
            Second Method is very similar to scanning Free Market and using price knowledge to search for deals. With MTS search it makes this process very timely and much more consistent. However, the catch is that: you do need somewhat decent price knowledge for this process to be effective. The more price knowledge you have, the more opportunity you will recognize when you see one. I do prefer this method over the first; due to amount of time I have on my hand.
            Another important thing to take note

            It is best to have a goal that you plan to achieve, especially if you are starting out new with MTS. It is highly recommended that you write down your goal and put it in a place that you can see.

            Episode 2: PORT Factor

                The episode covers a general guideline for decision making you should think over before buying something. 

               P stands for Profit. Calculating profit you can make from an item is very important (as most of you probably already know), with no profit or not enough profit, there’s no deal.

              O stands for Opportunity cost. Opportunity cost is basically a cost related to the next-best choice available to someone who has picked among several mutually exclusive choices (, 2011). This means it’s important that you have to think about the alternatives you have with the amount of NX you carry. Is this deal the best way to spend this NX?
           R stands for Reput. The more the items are seen, the better chance it sells. Understanding the nature of each item is a key to conquer R. On average most buyers look for specific item no more than 2 pages back; therefore, it is very important to keep your items seen at all time (or as much as possible). Mainstream items such as Work gloves require a lot more reput than other items due to amount of traffic the item has. Some item such as Dragon Khanjar on the other hand, has much lower traffic and doesn’t require nearly as much reput as Work gloves.
           T stands for Time. Similar to R, it is important to calculate amount of time it might takes to sell the item before purchase it. A deal which yield lot of profit, but takes months to sell might not be such a great deal after all. As the famous saying goes, "Time is money”.

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