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MTS journal Summary and Recaps - Ep 3-4

MTS journal Summary and Recaps - Ep 3-4

written by FleyxMarch 31, 2011

"Fleyx – MTS Journal” Summary and Recaps (Season 1Episode 3-4)

A little bit about the series  

            Many people have been asking me about how I went about enjoying the game without spending too much real life money on it. That was how this journal started.

Journal’s goal

            The original goal was to reach 100k NX with 50k NX starter, within 1 month period. 
Author’s note

            There’s nothing wrong whatsoever with buying NX, there nothing to be ashamed of. By buying NX from store, you are supporting the game and future development of it. This guide purpose is not for you to go on the game with such a mindset, but rather to help people who need a bit of extra income, or people who are in an area which there’s no legal purchasable NX.

Side story

            Some background story about me, and who I am. My name is Tony, university student currently studying economics and psychology. I’m fairly competitive when it comes to gaming, that’s why I try to look for ways to make the most out of what I have. This journal is inspired by my viewers from my first YouTube channel ( Since the time I created the channel, many of the viewers been asking me to make a guide or how I went out funding my character. That’s where it all started.
The Journal: Fleyx – MTS Journal Season 1

            Episode 3: Flipping
     This episode went over how to create profits by combining the use of MTS and Free Market. This technique evolves heavily around price knowledge that player possessed. The process simply starts off by Using NX to buys the best NX to meso ratio possible from MTS and sells it in Free Market. Then later on use the meso obtained to buy the best meso to NX ratio item then sell it back to MTS.
Example:  a 10 atk work gloves (assumed price: 10k nx), the gloves can be sold around 160m at the moment in Free Market; that left us with 1:16 ratio (1k nx for 16m meso). Now anything else that would yield a better ratio than 1:16 will be considered profit.

    However, there are other factors that you will need to considered such as tax, time, etc. (Many of these factors are mentioned in earlier episodes, check >>> Episode 1-2
    Again, for this process, the more price knowledge a player has, the better chance Flipping will work out.

          Episode 4:Season Finale, Last words

       I didn,t really go over anything special in this episodes, but rather went over some questions that I've been asked very often.

      First question: What should i buy?

      Answer: I would really start off with a mainstream items, which includes those items which are popular or required(or close to required) for any class to have. However, the reason I hesitated on answering this question was because: I realized that by answering this question, most of players will just stick to that one items and miss all other opportunities. It is very important to be creative and keep your mind opens. Do not close any door of opportunity. Always try to learn new things(if possible). :D

     Second question: Can you price check X ?
     Answer: I can't. The reason is because: prices are different in every world. My price checking is base solely on Bellocan's prices, which could be totally off from Scania, Windia, etc. Secondly, prices change daily(or could change). I rather not give out a price check that will possibly lead to you ripping yourself off. =(

     Last words for this season

     Thank you everyone for making this season1 a success! I know there are much more to it than what this season had covered! However, those technicals are very nerdy and i dont know if you guys would want to go through with it lol. I hope this season helps many if not some of you guys to get on your way of becoming self-sufficient in this game. However, as unfortunate as it sounds, there's no shortcut in doing this. You can not rely on other to price checks or asking questions forever, one day you will have to learn them yourselves, but i know if you try, anyone can do it. Good luck!

Tony (Fleyx) 
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umm people use the 10att wg as a currency from meso to nx biggrin its the most commonly use currency for gms thus far

Hi Tony,

How's it going! im not sure if the site is ready to take questions yet, anyways, i'll start, if its ok..

I've always wondered, why white workgloves or wa10 ones? I thought wa10 gloves is like quite common already, why are people still trying to sell them in mts? dont they need something higher?


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