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Profitable Scroll Quest Part III
MapleStory: Profitable Scroll Quests

    I do realized that it is hard sometimes to get the start off funds to start merchanting, let alone support your own potions. So, i decided to collect all the worth doing quests that I've known off (so far) for some ppl to use as a reference to start off their funding :D


-         A Deliver to a Lost Time (Level 60) Chain Quests – Random 60% Weapon Scroll
Olson the Toy Soldier and Grandpa Clock
Pre-requisite – None

-         Eos Tower Threatened! (Level 60) – Random 60% Weapon Scroll
Pre-requisite – None

-         Peace at Eos Tower (Level 60) – Gloves ATT 10%/60% Scroll
Pre-requisite - Eos Tower Threatened!

Omega Sector

-         Terminating the Dark Force (Level 48) – Random Overall 10%/60% DEX/INT/LUK Scroll
General Maestro
Pre-requisite - Where's the Power of Origin?


-         Romeo Proposes (Level 70) – Random 60% Weapon Scroll
Pre-requisite - Juliet's Lunchbox

-         Who is De Lang? (Level 85) – Random Cape 60% Scroll
Humanoid A and Maed
Pre-requisite - None
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