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8:32 AM
Vlog #1 Video ideas?

Trying out new type of video?

     Many of you might have already seen this video on my youtube channel already, so im not really gonna go into talking about the same stuff. But i do need some creative suggestion tho :D

     Looking through comments and many of you guys seem to like this type of video!? It's awesome, haha. I had a lot of fun making this! So i will probably gonna make more of this kind :D Since it's also much more enjoyable for me lol! However, i will probably run out of jokes soon lol

     I got some questions of why i made this blog, after i already got the youtube going. Well.... This blog i do recover the stuff i said on the video, BUT on this blog ill talk more random stuff + be mroe relax with what i want to talk about xD So yea! If you guys like it, check it out often!!! It's also would be super special awesome if you would follow this blog on the right side of the page >>>>>>>>>

(It's like subscribing to my youtube channel! except this time is a blog!)

- Tony (Fleyx) :D
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