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Basilmarket meet up :D
I was suppose to be study for exam, but hey! Bray said we gonna meet up and eat sushi? I mean who can resist sushi?!

Here's the original thread that Bray made at Basilmarket:

I actually didnt find out about it till the thread was already like 19 pages haha

Me and Bray arrived early (I actually arrived 3 hours early, but I was study in the bookstore haha).
Originally, i planned to put on my stalker mask and observe the crowd from a far, but Bray spotted me LOL

So at first we anticipated about 6-7 ppl to show up (eventhough in the list over 20 signed up). However, surprisingly! like 15 ppl showed up!! and i found out it wasnt the first time they have a basil meet up xD They acutally had on 2 years ago haha

We were gonna watch movie, but there werent really anything to watch (sucks when u already watched most of it too eh lol) So we just hang around at the arcade and went to eat all u can eat sushi near by XDD

Here are some pictures from the meet up xD. Sorry didnt take that many pictures, i dont want to look like some kind of stalker or something lol

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L>basil meet up in Toronto >.<
And what's with all these security codes !?

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