OmgOmg... I finally got partnered with youtube!!

However, the condition is came down to quite an odd result.

Turns out I have to create a new Channel and work it from there... I had a choice. I decided to create a new channel!

However, I intend to keep the old channel though. 

I'm still wondering how I would run my new channel... hmm...

I guess you guys will just have to wait and see!

Check it out at!

Follow me on Twitter :D
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Some of you may have already seen the new LoL League of Legends Video I have put up and wonder tho is the owner of that manly yet intimate voice (girl). And she's Rachel, as a matter of fact she did make an appearance a few times in the past video such as Maple Meet up 1 and Wild FurryWalls appear!. Some of you asked why she sucksss at LoL, well she's new..(duh)

Don't be mean!! LOLOL

video here >> HERE

OH and a little more! I finally made a twitter account! FOLLOW PLZ!

The funny thing is, the hardest part of getting the twitter account is to find 15 people to follows (u have to apparently)

- Fleyz ... Read more »
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I was suppose to be study for exam, but hey! Bray said we gonna meet up and eat sushi? I mean who can resist sushi?!

Here's the original thread that Bray made at Basilmarket:

I actually didnt find out about it till the thread was already like 19 pages haha

Me and Bray arrived early (I actually arrived 3 hours early, but I was study in the bookstore haha).
Originally, i planned to put on my stalker mask and observe the crowd from a far, but Bray spotted me LOL

So at first we anticipated about 6-7 ppl to show up (eventhough in the list over 20 signed up). However, surprisingly! like 15 ppl showed up!! and i found out it wasnt the first time they have a basil meet up xD They acutally had on 2 years ago haha

We were gonna watch movie, but there werent reall ... Read more »
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So i thought it would be kinda fun to make a quiz game and award the winner. I dont know! Keeping the head running is important in merching and doing anything in general!!

Here's the video explaining the rule of the game :D! 

Good luck! Cant wait to read you guys submissions!!
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You guys might already know this! But me and Matt (Simplegifts) are doing podcasts! Inviitng other known maplestory figure and ask a lot of random silly questions both game related and not!

So if you guys have anyone we want us to podcasts with let us know!

And if u have any questions u want us to ask them also tell us :D

Link to podcasts

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Keep in mind the new class that I'll be making are gonna be on seperate account. No items will be shared with Fleyx.
I'll use fleyz4305 acc and make a play through, funding from only in that account :D
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Just a compilation of all the clips ( that i could find ) of me bossing with my friends xD

Remembering back in the old days when Rachel got me back into playing this game after quitting for a long time xD

Joining ZeroKaos was the starting of everything! Everyone was so cool. Mont (MontKaos) was a little strict, but he was a cool guy! Wong,Angie,Dizzy,David,Mega,Faye,Seth and everyone that i didnt mention! You guys were awesome haha

Leaving ZK (due to inactivity), I made 4305. I got to meet a lot of new people, It was really hectic sorting out members. I came across lots of bad one (mike...jk!), no but like.. really bad one lol, and a lot of good ones. 

After getting noticed more, i get to meet a lot of new friends! 
And thanks to all of you my maple experience has been awesome!

This video is dedicated to all of you :D! ... Read more »
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So i set up a pole around a week ago asking what you guys really want to see. And the result showing: Duo commentary + Merching Series!

I won't be able to do much merching series, due to time confilct. I dont have much time to keep up with prices, but I'll try my best!

So for now I got Jony to do a duo commentary with me xD

     Well!!!! If you guys have any specific person that you want me to do a duo commentary with, do post a comment below here!! I'll try my best to work around getting it done !! If they are in bello chances will be higher obviously xDDDD

     Also me and SimpleGifts (the first lv200 mech) are planning to do a podcasts! 
      So If you guys have any questions that you want us to cover, do ... Read more »
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Haha really suppose to be studying right now lol But its wednesday, and its the day manga usually updates.

So i was reading Beelzebub ep111 and found it quite hillarious. And i realized most episode that Kunieda came in both anime and manga, i just find her character really really funny haha 

So i decided to try to draw her out xP

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So Bray(Furrywalls) sent me this song! One of my alliance member made it, and I find it really hillarious and cool at the same time haha

So i thought i would share it with you guys lol

Fleyx Stalker Song

Thx Mellimelon for making this haha
his channel ->

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