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Duo commentary with Jony :D
So i set up a pole around a week ago asking what you guys really want to see. And the result showing: Duo commentary + Merching Series!

I won't be able to do much merching series, due to time confilct. I dont have much time to keep up with prices, but I'll try my best!

So for now I got Jony to do a duo commentary with me xD

     Well!!!! If you guys have any specific person that you want me to do a duo commentary with, do post a comment below here!! I'll try my best to work around getting it done !! If they are in bello chances will be higher obviously xDDDD

     Also me and SimpleGifts (the first lv200 mech) are planning to do a podcasts! 
      So If you guys have any questions that you want us to cover, do leave it at the comment section below also! We will gathering questions for a bit :D

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2 NightFang  
Me? Im not in Bello. But either way i wouldent mind skyping with you. Just to be friends smile

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1 Snow  
I have a few questions actually.
1.) do you think a F/P is agood end game class (meaning put all my funding into it)
2.) what are the requirements to gget into 4305
3.) what do you guys think of the changes they've made to maple over the years (lvling, economy, drops)
4.) what makes you continue to play on your characters or what motivates you

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